Refund Policy


Thank you for choosing AccuTranslate. We are committed to providing exceptional translation services. We understand that there may be instances where our clients need to request refunds or modifications to their orders. Our Refund Policy, outlined below, is designed to address such scenarios with clarity and fairness. By engaging our services, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of this policy.

Last Updated: May 15, 2024

1. Understanding Our Refund Policy

We encourage our esteemed clients to familiarize themselves with our Refund Policy before placing an order. In case of any queries or if you believe your situation warrants a refund, kindly reach out to our dedicated customer service team with all relevant details for an expedited review.

2. Modifications to Orders

Clients have the flexibility to amend their orders before the commencement of the translation process. This encompasses augmenting or reducing the scope of services or their quantity. However, once the translation is underway, modifications become challenging, though we strive to accommodate where feasible.

3. Cancellation Protocols

Cancellations are accepted before order completion. Refunds for primary services (translation) are prorated based on the volume of work already executed. For instance:

  • A full refund is issued for cancellations made before the assignment of the project to a translator.
  • A prorated refund is calculated based on the unfinished portion of the work for cancellations during the translation process.
  • No refunds are granted for completed orders.

Full refunds are provided for unrendered secondary services like notarization and shipping. Once these services are rendered, they are non-refundable.

4. Turnaround Time

We provide estimated turnaround times during the checkout process, derived from historical data. Since we engage human translators, we cannot guarantee exact turnaround times but are committed to expediting each project. The countdown begins once the translator is assigned, and initial order processing can cause delays.

5. Addressing Quality Concerns

Translation quality is subjective, given the multiple ways to express ideas. We are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction and are open to revisions. The final word choice, however, rests with the translator. In exceptional cases where quality is compromised, we may issue a refund or offer a complimentary re-translation, at our discretion.

6. Revision Protocols

Clients can request revisions within 30 days post-completion of the translation. These are offered free of charge unless the source material is edited, in which case each case is evaluated individually. Providing detailed information, especially for names and places, minimizes the need for revisions and expedites the finalization process.

7. Translation Acceptance

We do not typically offer refunds for issues related to translation acceptance, with the exception of USCIS rejections. Clients are responsible for ensuring that our translations meet the specific requirements of their receiving parties. We recommend reaching out to us with detailed requirements before order placement to confirm compatibility.

8. Shipping Challenges

We partner with USPS and FedEx for shipping. In case of any shipping issues, we urge clients to contact us promptly for assistance. However, we do not offer refunds for problems arising from these third-party service providersí handling of shipments.


AccuTranslate is dedicated to offering professional, accurate, and timely translation services. We value our clients and are committed to addressing any concerns with fairness and integrity. This Refund Policy is designed to provide clarity and assurance for a seamless and positive experience with AccuTranslate. Your understanding and adherence to this policy ensure a harmonious and productive relationship as we cater to your translation needs.